We advise you

File for divorce

We advise you

File for divorce

We make sure that separation and divorce go through as quickly, well and easily as possible. Whether you agree on everything or not.

Anette Steltzer

Lawyer and mediator for family law

It can all happen very quickly.

Immediately file for divorce...

Provide all the necessary information for the divorce in our online questionnaire and we will file the divorce no later than tomorrow (Mon – Fri).

...or get advice first?

Book a timely initial consultation on all legal issues related to separation and divorce. If you also entrust us with the divorce, the initial consultation is at no additional cost to you.

File for divorce in 3 steps

Fill out questionnaire

Provide all the information necessary for the divorce petition from the comfort of your own home.


Talk with lawyer

Should we file for divorce directly or do you want to talk to us first? You decide!


Divorce filed

We file for divorce on your behalf. Of course, we will advise and represent you throughout the divorce proceedings.

We are glad about your trust

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“We have satisfied clients.”

Quickly. Uncomplicated. Individual.

Learn more about the possibilities of online divorce and about the fact that you do not have to renounce the quality of advice and representation with us because of it.

Our philosophy

In this video, learn what our “divorce philosophy” is and how we achieve that the divorce hearing in court hardly takes ten minutes even in difficult cases.

Our blog about separation, divorce and children

Duration, procedure and costs of the divorce proceedings

Duration of the divorce proceedings The duration of the divorce proceedings may vary depending on individual circumstances. As a rule, it depends on the workload of the competent family court and the degree of agreement of the spouses regarding the divorce...

Mediation: the roots of mediation

Mediation is a process that helps to deal with conflicts. It is based on the four basic principles of the Harvard concept. In the 1970s, mediation became increasingly important as an alternative to the often lengthy and costly litigation in the United States. But...

Mediation for the benefit of the child

When parents with minor children separate, issues of child care and child support are often at stake. In this context, parents often express the wish to practice the so-called alternating model in order to share time and tasks. However, this desire is sometimes...

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