Anette Steltzer
Lawyer + Mediator (certified)

As a divorce attorney and mediator, I am pleased to combine my skills in favor of your amicable divorce.

Lawyer in private practice since 2013
Mediator since 2016

Completed specialist attorney course: family law

Daniel Steltzer, LL.M. (Stellenbosch)
Lawyer + Mediator (certified)

As a divorce lawyer and mediator, I am committed to finding solutions that are clear and satisfactory to both partners. Not always easy, but exciting every day!

Lawyer in private practice since 2011
Mediator since 2016

Completed specialized attorney courses:
Inheritance law and commercial and corporate law

Bundled expertise from one network

Lawyers + Notaries

… with expertise in family law, inheritance law, corporate law.


… to find joint solutions to conflicts before they go to court.



… to obtain the correct calculation of the pension equalization.


Expert witnesses

… to realistically value the real estate assets.

Certified Public Accountants

… in order to be able to make reliable asset valuations the basis for solutions.


Tax consultants

… to keep an eye on the tax consequences of the divorce.