Amicable divorce despite conflicts

Even if you have conflicts with your partner, that doesn’t mean you have to “wash dirty linen” in court. With traditional or collaborative legal representation, mediation or conciliation, disputes can often be resolved without going to court, making the divorce hearing in court very brief.

Attorney representation

Traditional legal representation is still common in separation and divorce situations, and it has its uses. Where it is not possible to work out solutions together that take into account not only the law but also the respective (legitimate) needs of the spouses living in separation, assertion of the right or defense against unjustified claims is often necessary.

We provide legal advice and representation whether or not your spouse is cooperative in working out solutions.

Cooperative practice

In cooperative practice, both spouses are represented by attorneys. However, the mission of the lawyers is to work together to find a fair solution, not to work against each other. What was once an antagonism has become a tangible togetherness, even though there may still be heated disputes on individual issues.

We use collaborative practice where possible. Because we are happy when our clients succeed in turning over a new leaf without having to carry conflicts from their previous marriage. Therefore, we are also happy to recommend capable colleagues who can represent the other spouse and who we know can work together to find solutions. Because, of course, that requires trust on all sides.


Mediation is a structured process in which one or more neutral third parties (mediators) support you and your partner in your resolution process. The mediator does not make decisions for you, but simply helps you reach an agreement that meets your needs and interests.

To ensure that solutions found also hold legally, we provide you with legal advice before, during and beyond the end of a divorce mediation. We also have a large pool of mediators who can conduct divorce mediation online or at your location.

Constructive. Cooperative. Solution-oriented.

We are happy to support you in resolving existing conflicts with your partner amicably wherever possible.