How to file for divorce:

1. Provide details

Provide all the information needed for the divorce petition in our questionnaire (see below).


2. Consultation appointment with lawyer (optional)

You can choose whether you want us to file for divorce immediately or you want a consultation appointment first.

3. Divorce filed

We file for divorce and provide legal advice and representation in the divorce proceedings.

All in English

All correspondence with our lawyers can be in English.

We provide you with (automatic) translation in 30 languages for all important letters from our firm, the court and the other party.

This firm helped me through an extremely difficult legal situation concerning divorce and custody. They supported me every step of the way and made sure I was kept fully informed throughout the process and spoke both English and German which saved me as I was unable to understand a lot of the German terms. I cannot express the level of professionalism, empathy and efficiency my case was dealt with. I highly recommend them and will always turn to them in the future with all legal matters. I am able to finally get back to living my life now with all legal matters behind me. Thank you once again!!

Kay Kraft

(Google rating from 19.02.2023 - Photo does not show client)

Step 1 into a new chapter

Fill in the questionnaire (takes about 5 to 10 minutes.)

Issue divorce order online.

Benefit from the fast communication channels of our time without having to forego careful legal advice.

Frequently asked questions

What is an online divorce?

An online divorce means that an attorney is hired over the Internet to file for divorce, and attorney and client often do not see each other in person until the court date. This is because the consultation often takes place via (video) telephony or e-mail.

But don’t worry: we have the highest standards for the quality of our legal work and will provide you with comprehensive advice and representation, even if you never set foot in our office.

Online divorce with Steltzer Law Firm offers the following advantages:

  • Advice and representation by experienced attorneys in family, inheritance and corporate law.
  • No in-person appointment at our office is necessary.
  • You save time and money by using contemporary means of remote communication.
  • You can initiate the process regardless of the current location.
How quickly will I get a divorce date with an online divorce?

As the lawyer so often says, it depends. It can happen very quickly and the marriage is divorced in two or three months. But it can also take years.

How quickly yours is divorced depends on whether the legal requirements for divorce are met (e.g., separation year), all information is available (e.g., on pension entitlements), what the scheduling status of the family court that is to divorce the marriage is, and whether there are any remaining disputes between the spouses.

We are committed to getting your marriage divorced quickly, but of course only if it is not at the expense of the outcome.

Do I have to appear in court in person even if I divorce online?
Yes, even in the case of a so-called online divorce, the spouses generally have to appear in person at the court for the divorce hearing. There are exceptions if the spouse has moved abroad, but even then you must participate in the proceedings and usually attend an appointment. Of course, your lawyer who is authorized to represent you in the proceedings will also be present.

Our goal is to resolve all issues between the spouses in advance of the divorce hearing. Then the divorce hearing is not much more than a formality and lasts barely ten minutes.

Is it possible to do an online divorce with only one lawyer?
Yes, a divorce can take place with only one lawyer. This is especially advisable if the divorce is amicable and there are no overly contentious issues.

The divorce petition must be filed by an attorney representing one of the spouses. The other spouse can then agree to the divorce in court himself or herself and does not need legal representation for this.

Often the spouses even share the costs for the lawyer and can save costs each.