Legal advice on separation and divorce


Book a timely appointment for your initial legal consultation. In the appointment we can discuss all your questions, for example, on the following topics:


  • The course of the divorce proceedings
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Use of the shared apartment
  • Alimony (spousal support, child support)
  • Gain
  • Division of assets and household goods
  • and much more.

Initial consultation

226,10  60 minutes

We provide legal advice on all legal issues related to separation and divorce.

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Who advises you?

You book a legal consultation with lawyer Anette Steltzer or lawyer Daniel Steltzer.

How is advice given?

Consultation takes place via video conference* or by telephone**.

How long does the consultation take?

The initial consultation lasts up to one hour. Within this time, all important questions can usually be discussed.

Charging the costs

The cost of the consultation will be credited if you subsequently retain us to provide further advice and representation in your divorce proceedings. So you will not have any additional costs.

No preparation necessary

You do not need to prepare for the interview. However, it is a good idea to make bullet points on the questions that concern you so that you do not forget anything.


* All you need is an Internet-enabled terminal (PC, notebook, cell phone, tablet) with camera (webcam) and microphone and an Internet connection that is as stable as possible.
** This may incur additional costs depending on your provider.