An amicable divorce saves money.

When everything is settled, you regularly need only one lawyer for the divorce proceedings. Thus, together with your spouse you can save the costs for a second lawyer.

Hard costs (financial)

Divorce is not possible without at least one lawyer and the family court, which divorces the marriage. So there are always costs for lawyer and court.

The costs of legal advice and representation by our law firm…

Minimum remuneration according to the law*

  • Initial consultation (optional)
  • Examination of existing prenuptial agreement
  • Divorce petition – submission no later than the next office day (Mon-Fri)
  • Advice and representation in judicial divorce proceedings
  • Examination of up to two pension entitlements in the event of the implementation of pension equalization
  • Appointment reminder
  • Application for legal aid / Verfahrenskostenhilfe (VKH) — (if promising)

* Lawyers may not charge less than the fees provided for in the German Lawyers’ Fees Act (RVG) in court proceedings.


Remuneration according to agreement (fair and flexible remuneration models)

    • Consultation and representation in case of conflicts with the spouse
    • Drafting of divorce settlement agreement
    • Examination of further pension entitlements in divorce proceedings
    • Assertion or examination and calculation of gain claims
    • Examination of further property claims
    • Organization of real estate valuation by real estate experts (special deals for Berlin, Brandenburg and NRW)
    • Organization of business valuation
    • Organization of notary appointment and arrangements with notary’s office

The following applies to the amount of costs in judicial divorce proceedings:

The economic circumstances of the spouses and the number of pension entitlements are decisive for the procedural value of divorce proceedings.

In any case...

We charge only the minimum fee provided for by the Lawyers’ Fees Act for filing for divorce and attending the divorce hearing.

Rule of Thumb

The more controversial the divorce, the higher the avoidable costs to be expected.

Soft costs (Emotional)

However, we are not only looking at the hard costs, but also the soft ones. We are therefore happy to advise and represent you with the aim of redefining the relationship with your ex-partner (especially if you have children together) instead of ruining it, and to spare your nerves and work out the fairest possible long-term solutions overall.


Advice: Settle disputes before the divorce proceedings in court

By resolving your conflicts out of court, you save not only hard costs, but also soft costs. Because you will be spared a dispute fought out via the lawyers. How long it takes to reach agreement on all key issues varies from person to person and depends largely on the number of issues to be addressed, their complexity, and your cooperation.

Let us advise you

We support you in reaching an out-of-court settlement and in doing so find a solution that is good for both sides. This way you keep the costs low – at least compared to a contested divorce. But the big win is that you will be rewarded with a better path, because you found it together, that you will want to walk separately in the future. This does not always work, but should be tried in the vast majority of cases, especially if there are joint minor children.